Sensor Tower identified the top-performing advertisers on over-the-top platforms in the United States in August. Hulu was the most popular service among advertisers and among the content dominated by creatives that focus on school themes.

First, let’s understand the terminology. The Over-The-Top platform is a media service that delivers content to consumers through online services.

According to Sensor Tower, advertisers on OTT services spent $166 million on creatives during the month, down 2% from last month. Procter and Gamble, which specializes in products and personal care products, was the top advertiser of the month with $31 million.

Food corporation Yum! Brands, which include: KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, came in second place and spent $24.4 million, up 56% from last month. 84% of the company’s ad spending on its OTT platforms went to Hulu, and 3% went to Tubi. KFC advertising accounted for a big chunk of the group’s ad spending for the month, with 75 creatives.

Sensor Tower reports that Hulu remains the first OTT publisher in ad spending, with advertisers spending $100,000 on the platform in August. That dominance is short-lived, however, because last month, Walmart announced that subscribers to the shopping service would get a Paramount+ subscription at no extra cost. That perk became available earlier this month, but advertisers are already flocking to the service.

According to Sensor Tower, back-to-school and savings-themed ad creatives were a top priority for advertisers in August. Dick’s Sporting Goods ranked ninth with $9.5 million. The company placed 45 creatives on OTT platforms featuring sports broadcaster Kay Adams, who encouraged families to prepare their kids for the new school year.

Netflix and Disney+ have announced ad-supported subscriptions that will enter the advertising race on the OTT platforms. The companies will become competitors for the top spot regarding ad spending.

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