Scuti’s team that built Massive Inc. and pioneered in-game advertising almost 20 years ago has led the creation of Scuti’s RoGIs with input and guidance from the executives behind some of the biggest games on the planet including Fortnite, HALO and World of Warcraft.

Rewarded Gamified Interstitials (RoGIs) deliver value to advertisers and uninterrupted gameplay for gamers. Rewarded Gamified Interstitials, or RoGIs, will be available to players and games across web2 and web3, allowing for a seamless gaming experience that offers players real-life rewards, uninterrupted gameplay, and targeted advertisements based on player-provided information.

Today, gaming is a global community of 3.2 billion people, including 80% of Gen Z, millennials, and 75% of all US households. Mobile games are a growing sector in the games industry and reach players with more than $5 trillion in buying power. Scuti’s platform offers brands and game makers a new vehicle for building loyalty with this audience.

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For our global brand clients, Scuti stands out with its gCommerce platform. With the addition of RoGIs, brands can have further positive impact on game play. Players seek out rewards and accomplishments from their games and now brands can reward play with the payoff of access, engagement and sales.

Andrew Backs, CEO and Founder of Pilot44

RoGIs are brief shell games delivered to players between game levels. Players can elect to play with the ads or continue with their game – it’s their choice. RoGIs gamify advertising, rewarding players with Scuti$ for each ad interaction. Scuti$ can be redeemed for real products in the Scuti Marketplace and exchanged for in-game items and game currencies.

Scuti allows players to opt-in and provide basic personal information to ensure the RoGIs offer a bespoke set of brands and products most relevant to player interests. Scuti never uses information not explicitly provided by the player in curating RoGIs, aiming to create a transparent relationship between the platform, gamer, and brands. RoGis comply with recent guideline changes for Google Play apps and are also compliant with Apple’s App Store regulations.

RoGIs ad units

We believe RoGIs are an important step for game makers, players, and brands across the board. As we enter a new era of engagement, brands must meet consumers where they are and how they want to be met – on their terms, and those terms require a fair value exchange. Gone are the days of ads disrupting and distracting from gameplay, using deceptive tactics to cull player interests in hyper-targeted advertising. Instead, gamified advertisements will reward players, brands, and game-makers alike.

Nicholas Longano, CEO and Founder of Scuti