has released a new report which says that mobile anime games amassed $17 billion in global consumer spending during 2021. According to the analytics firm’s State of Anime Gaming 2022 report, the figure represents a 6% year-over-year increase when compared to 2020.

Although niche, anime games made up $1 out of every $5 spent on mobile games across both app stores in 2021.

In terms of global market share, Japan led consumer revenue as it made 55% of anime game spending during 2021.

Additionally, named the top ten highest grossing games by global consumer spending last year.

  1. Genshin Impact
  2. Pokémon Go
  3. Uma Musume Pretty Derby
  4. Fate/Grand Order
  5. Monster Strike
  6. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
  7. Puzzle and Dragons
  8. Dragon Quest Walk
  9. Arknights
  10. Dragon Ball Legends

In comparison with 2018, mobile game downloads surged 170 per cent in South Korea in 2021, compared with 40 per cent in the US and 30 per cent in the UK. Consumer spending also rose significantly during this period and increased 85 per cent in South Korea, 75 percent in the UK and 70 per cent in the US.

These figures indicate that as well as a global growing audience, anime mobile games also attract a more engaged audience that are willing to pay long term.

The crossover between anime and mobile games is not a new occurrence, but as the popularity of the medium increases worldwide more companies are getting involved through partnerships and publishing.

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