The casual game Pocket Champs from Madbox studio exceeded the 5 million downloads mark, and the team is not stopping there. The unique gaming experience gamers enjoyed so much is the company’s primary goal, on which they focused their efforts.

Since its release, Pocket Champs: 3D Racing Games has undergone updates, which led Madbox to its five millionth record. Reaching such heights is not easy, so the game has gone through a severe development path.

Our primary motivation is to create a unique experience for players, to give joy and a smile. Madbox is proud to see this involvement around Pocket Champs.

Maxime Demeure, co-founder and CEO of Madbox

The team is still learning and exploring how to create game experiences properly, but it’s clear that developers are on the right way. Today Madbox has offices in Paris and Barcelona and employs up to 200 professional staff.

Madbox is always on the lookout for professionals with unusual mindsets. The company brings together talented developers to create games together.

Maxime Demeure, co-founder and CEO of Madbox

More about Pocket Champions

Pocket Champions: 3D Racing Games is a fast-paced multiplayer casual parkour game where cute cartoon characters gather at the start line, and then teams begin the race to finish.

Pocket Champs unites users from all over the world, so players compete against professionals of different levels. The racing process is full of opportunities and surprises. Sometimes gamers overtake an opponent, and sudden changes on the track throw them off track.

Players train their character, improve their stats and buy cosmetic items to stand out from the competition. Users also choose a gadget that provides an advantage during the race.

The game features chests that gamers open daily for free or purchase for in-game currency, and participation in time-limited events is rewarded with rare prizes.

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