Recently, Axie Infinity, which operates a pay-and-play model, was targeted by hackers. More than $600 million worth of cryptocurrency was stolen as a result of the attacks. Amid this crisis, players who were doing the grind for money started leaving the project and it threatens to collapse the entire structure of the game.

Axie Infinity isn’t really even a game. It’s closer to Farmville-style commercial Pokémon breeding, where the goal is to raise virtual monsters that can be sold for cryptocurrency. But to start breeding these creatures, players must make a contribution, which supports the pyramid structure, in addition to selling the creatures as NFT.

In addition, the game has a special “rental” program. Digital landlords provide players with access, for which they get a percentage of their grind. But after a massive attack, the value of potions for breeding creatures has fallen, along with the value of the game currency.

The number of digital landlords in Axie Infinity has exceeded the number of “peasants” themselves. This is due to the fact that a lot of people bought NFT, hoping to cash in on them, but if there are more landlords than players, the game could soon collapse. Even the developers at Sky Mavis themselves have admitted that the decision to cut rewards from activities is due to the need for significant measures to avoid collapse.

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