In Canada, 52.3% of Internet users play video games on mobile devices. Time2play looked at the most popular iPhone and Android gaming apps by a number of downloads.

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The most downloaded game on the App Store was Diablo Immortal, with 275,732 downloads. Bucket Crusher is in second place with 210,635 downloads. In third place is Defend the farm — Merge Plants, with 183,451 downloads. It is closely followed by Subway Surfers in fourth place with 175,048 downloads and Fill The Fridge in fifth place with 173,845 downloads.

Source: Time2play

With 354,447 downloads, Pocket Monsters Rush was the most downloaded game app on the Google Play Store in Canada. Apex Legends Mobile ranked second with 303,869 downloads, and Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds was third with 213,449 downloads.

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Interestingly, Bucket Crusher was the second most downloaded game on the App Store but ranked fourth on the Google Play Store with 211,970 downloads. The fifth most downloaded game for Android users was Dream Wedding, with 164,176 installs.

Source: Time2play

Distribution of gaming activity in Canada

Source: Time2play

Time2play reports that gamers worldwide spend between 1 and 7 hours per week playing mobile games. Canadian gamers are no exception.

17% of Canadian gamers spend 1-7 hours a week playing mobile games. Only 9% of Canadian users play mobile games for 30 minutes to an hour, and 8% play 7-14 hours per week.

As hours increase, the percentage of weekly time Canadians spend playing games decreases, with 4% of gamers spending 14-21 hours per week and 2% spending 21-28 hours per week. Only 1% of Canadian gamers spend 28-35 hours and 35+ hours per week playing mobile games.