Back from the dead! Metacore is acquiring Supercell’s Everdale game, which was shut down back in late 2022. This is an unprecedented case in the history of the game industry, when a game, acknowledged as a failure by a developer, is bought out by another company and that company plans to launch it as an asset.

A side note: Tencent acquires SHIFT UP

However, it is worth noting that among players of Clash of Clans and similar games, the project generated genuine interest, and the game itself became a kind of “balanced view” of the whole genre of strategies on mobile devices. But Supercell’s policy led to a reduction in support for the project and its complete closure last year.

We couldn’t be happier to see Metacore take over Everdale, a very expensive game for us. Throughout development it became clear to us that this game had great potential and a loyal fan base, but unfortunately in the end it was the wrong game for Supercell.

Lasse Seppänen, former CEO of Supercell
Everdale is a lot like Clash of Clans

The current fate of the ambitious Everdale project is in the capable hands of the professionals at Metacore, the Finnish mobile game developer that achieved success with Merge Mansion. Perhaps compared to Supercell, who have tried to create a game similar to Clash of Clans, a new look and shift in priorities could bring new life to the bought-out project.

However, at the moment it is not known exactly when Everdale will return to the app shops under the wing of a new developer (an old version from Supercell is now available for download on official sites) and most importantly, in what form, but we should expect news later this year.