Mobilemarketingreads reports that turkish studio POW Games, which specializes in creating hybrid casual puzzle games, has announced the sale of Food Match 3D and Tile Match: Home Design Puzzle to British studio Matchingham Games. The reported deal for the POW Games games was $11.7 million.

Side note: How to turn a hyper-casual game into a hybrid-casual game.

Food Match 3D has reached 2 million users on iOS and Android platforms. Tile Match: Home Design Puzzle is in the soft launch stage of the U.S. Play Store and holds promising promise as measured by metrics.

POW Games consists of an experienced team of 25 employees. CEO and co-founder Şeyhmus ÖLKER previously served as co-founder and COO of American AdTech/MarTech startup App Samurai, while CTO and co-founder Burak Göncü has developed a mobile app ecosystem that reaches 200 million users at BGNmobi.

The collaboration with Matchingham Games has opened up LiveOps’s game development capabilities and rapid revenue growth. We strongly believe that the games developed will continue to thrive with Matchingham Games.

Şeyhmus ÖLKER, CEO and co-founder of POW Games
Food Match 3D: Tile Puzzle
Tile Match: Home Design Puzzle

Matchingham Games was founded in 2020 in the United Kingdom. The studio offers millions of people an unrivalled gaming experience. The team’s principles are designed for results: think wisely, test a lot, trust data, and call to action. In addition to the games, the company develops. Personally, Matchingham Games also publishes products from about 20 game studios around the world.

Today, the studio boasts such hits as:

Source: AppMagic

The company has a portfolio of 28 games, reaching 250 million users worldwide.

Food Match and Tile Match stand out among competitors in IAP and IAA scores in the hybrid puzzle game category. The company is pleased to have completed the purchase of these apps.

Fatih Haltas, founder and CEO of Matchingham Games