Horizon Worlds launched in France and Spain, and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg celebrated with an in-app image that’s being described as “eye-gouging ugly.” Public reaction to Horizon Worlds, the platform Meta is using to focus its efforts to build a metaverse, has been almost universally adverse, and it regularly roasts on social media. People were eager to weigh in on the company’s latest blunder.

As people continue to lose interest in Facebook, the company has tried to pivot to building a metaverse. However, its attempts to do so through Horizon Worlds have come off as goofy and unfocused. Furthermore, Zuckerberg is possibly the worst advocate for his own product, which can be seen in the promo image for the app launch in France and Spain.

Horizon Worlds itself is a novelty blend of VR Chat and Roblox. Unfortunately, it’s less fun and refined than either. The avatars don’t even have legs. It’s no wonder that Meta is losing billions on its investments in metaverse development.

Part of the reason is that Zuckerberg insists on being the public face of Meta. He is extremely unlikable, and his appearance has been ridiculed more than once on the Internet, but that does not stop him.

Another problem Meta faces is that no one is interested in the corporate definition of a metaverse. The world is so saturated with ads and corporate messaging that companies need to create another universe in which they can operate.

Side note: gaming vets promise sustainable blockchain games.