Higgs Studio is a puzzle game studio that’s part of Higgs Technology. Hear from Crystal Guo, Head of User Growth at Higgs Studio, about her experience using Luna Playground to streamline playable creation, which helped boost efficiency 6x, increase overall IPM 15% compared to their previous hero creatives, and boost installs. 

The team at Higgs has learned that playables work especially well for driving scale – specifically for their games Tile Master 3D and Cube Master 3D.

Producing the right creatives at scale

We set a high bar for playable quality – which we aim to maintain across UA channels and networks. However, not only does each network have different creative requirements, to create our playables, we relied on a programmer. So designing, testing, and iterating creatives for each specific channel was a coding-heavy process that was inefficient and lengthy.

Taking a combined approach to creative production 

Since we started using Luna Elements, we found that it lets anyone on our design team produce quality playables. Now that the team doesn’t need to use coding to create the playables.

We took a “combined approach” to design playables: our designers created a batch of playables with Elements then used the top performers from the batch to inspire our 3D playables that our developers built with Luna Playable. With Playable, our programmers can integrate our game code directly in Unity so we can build, test, and iterate 3D playables quickly and easily that feel true to our games.

Basically, Luna wasn’t just an advantage for our designers, but for our developers, too. They used to be bogged down with creating playables for each ad network’s specific requirements – and they weren’t able to design 3D playables. Now, they create 3D playables more efficiently and export them across ad platforms and networks – this is true for all of our Luna-built creatives. Our creative production feels a lot more streamlined now, and our quality has improved, too.

With their industry-leading technology, Luna gives all advertisers the ability to design high-efficiency and high-quality creatives.

Crystal Guo, Head of User Growth at Higgs Studio

Boosting efficiency 6x and increasing hero creative IPM by 15%

We’re producing quality playables more quickly and easily – we’re able to build 6x as many playables in the same time frame since we started using Luna. And we’re still maintaining quality, which is apparent from the boost in scale – the hero creative made with Luna, for example, has a 15% higher IPM compared to previous hero creative that had just a video and image.