Limit Break Inc., a company founded by Gabriel Leydon and Halbert Nakagawa, has raised $200 million in investment capital from Buckley Ventures, Standard Crypto and Paradigm Ventures.

Limit Break, known for the DigiDaigaku NFT collection, also raised from investors including FTX, Coinbase Ventures, Anthos Capital, SV Angel, and Shervin Pishevar.

We have the perfect partners, perfect investors, and perfect team in place to bring the gaming industry into a new era. Free-to-Play gaming is ending, and Limit Break is coming to replace it.

Gabriel Leydon
Limit Break, DigiDaigaku NFT

The company’s first endeavor, the DigiDaigaku NFT collection, was offered to the public completely free of charge. Limit Break expects “Free Mint Games” to replace the IPO-style fundraising that dominated the NFT space in 2021 and allowed would-be game creators to sell parts of future “Play-to-Earn” titles for hundreds of millions of dollars.

According to Leydon, the few “Play-to-Earn” games that achieve some success inevitably morph from “Play-to-Earn” to “Play-to-Sell” as player-investors crash markets and dump the increasingly worthless NFTs and cryptocurrencies that once held these carefully contrived economies together.

With its DigiDaigaku launch, Limit Break plans to introduce a new model called “Free-to-Own” that will replace both the “Play-to-Earn” and “Free-to-Play”.

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