British game publisher and developer Kwalee sums up 2022: 12 new games, 258 new concepts and 200 million downloads.

Today the company’s total number of downloads is just under one billion — 969 million.

Side note: Kwalee on the importance of gameplay in hyper-casual games.

The company’s game library includes games such as:

Source: Company website

In terms of revenue, the studio saw a 12% increase over last year, with Teacher Simulator accounting for 37% of total revenue in 2022. 90% of the revenue comes from advertising.

Regarding user distribution, iOS players make up a slight majority at 52%.

Along with expanding its portfolio of hyper-casual games, Kwalee has said it intends to expand into the console and PC markets.

I’m honoured to reach a point where the company is recognised for its hard work, quickly becoming a game publisher that developers want to work with. I’m proud of the teams that helped get to that point.

David Darling, founder and CEO of Kwalee

In October, the company unveiled its latest game jam, VS Game Jam, with the winner receiving $500,000.