Kwalee, a developer and publisher of mobile games, talks on the official LinkedIn account about the importance of gameplay in hyper-casual games and how to turn flaws into virtues.

Side note: Teacher Simulator exceeded 68 million installations.

Kwalee is a developer and publisher of casual and hyper-casual mobile games. More than half a billion people have installed the company’s products.

The studio prioritizes creativity, so it has introduced a «creative environment» for generating new ideas. Every week teams gather to listen to new game ideas in the hyper-casual genre. Any employee, regardless of position, can present their work.

This process has resulted in such hits as Draw It, Shootout 3D and Off the Rails 3D, and ideas keep coming in every week.

Kwalee boasts such hits:

Kwalee Tips

Source: Company website

In the post, the company advises developers to stick to the following patterns:

  • Duration. Levels should be exciting and unique. It would be best if you didn’t make the content too fast or slow. The gamer should have time to enjoy the gameplay which does not have time to get bored;
  • Pacing. Watch the speed at which the player receives rewards. In order not to upset the balance of the economy in the game, the gamer should not receive rewards too fast but also not too slowly;
  • Difficulty. The proper balance of the game’s difficulty is essential. Simple games don’t boast a long retention time, nor do complex games. Let players make decisions to overcome challenges, but don’t create overly tricky levels that will hinder progress.