The venture capital firm Konvoy Ventures has announced the launch of Konvoy Fund III, a $150m venture fund dedicated to platforms and technologies in gaming. There has been no shortage of funding, with Konvoys latest fund following a $32 million investment made by Animoca Brands, Samsung Next and WeMade into Planetarium Labs.

In the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based games Konvoy is no stranger. You can check their impressive portfolio of gaming companies and projects which it has funded.

The goal of the Fund III is to continue to invest in early stage companies at the frontier of gaming. Interest in blockchain-based games has increased over the past year, with play-to-earn and NFT-featuring games big focal points in the industry. With so much capital fixed on gaming, blockchain gaming projects also take up a good sum of the fund. Аpproximately 30% of the fund – $45 million – would be used for the crypto and blockchain space.

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