Startup Kinetix has updated its virtual motion capture technology with the support of artificial intelligence. This should make creating and rendering 3D content even faster, according to the developers.

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Kinetix created their platform back in 2022. It was based on the technology of applying artificial intelligence without the use of code. An AI model that captures motion from videos, an AI tool that applies predefined motions to any animation, characters or avatars received an even bigger upgrade, making the principle as simple as possible for the user. Thanks to this, creating animations in 3D space will be possible for absolutely any user, even without experience or prior training.

Release video describing Kinetix 2.0 features

With so much recent debate about the potential of generative AI to optimise and democratise creative processes, we are proud to announce these advances in our custom AI model. They mean that we can now more accurately extract complex movements from video content, such as backflips, parkour or sprinting down a flight of stairs.

Henri Mirande, co-founder of Kinetix

The new tools are part of version 2.0 of the Kinetix platform, with the ability to extract motion from user-submitted video. The new generation of algorithms provides a better posture when capturing and a kind of ‘polishing‘ of the results obtained.