The Tiny Digital Factory has officially announced Infinite Drive, a racing game metaverse for mobile devices. It’s a digital space (metaverse) designed for car enthusiasts and where users interact and play within a single environment.

Infinite Drive uses blockchain technologies to allow users to own parts of the game such as cars which are verifiably owned and decentralised NFTs.

The game will launch in open alpha in Q4 2022, and a collection of licensed NFTs will go on sale this summer.

The racing platform is set to include more than 150 officially licensed cars in the form of NFTs which everyone will be able to trade, customize and rent. These licensed car NFTs come from over 20 different car brands, with a collection of 5000 NFTs set to go on sale this summer.

With its game-first engine architecture and unique digital car ownership, Infinite Drive is the zenith of twenty years of making driving simulation games. For decades, racing fans have been staring lovingly at dream cars in virtual garages. So we’ve used web3 tech to make it possible for gamers to actually own and earn from their vehicles, alongside a stunning player experience out on track. Infinite Drive offers the accessibility of mobile games, combined with play and earn, providing the tools to reward passionate players who are already organizing racing events and helping us create the very best driving experience.

Stéphane Baudet, the Founder and CEO of The Tiny Digital Factory

The game is set to launch in open alpha in Q4 this year, while an early access of the alpha is scheduled for this summer. There’s no info on the full release, but when it does happen, the game will be free-to-play, requiring no ownership of an NFT car to enjoy the Web3 title.

The Tiny Digital Factory consists of experienced developers who have previously worked on mobile games such as Fallout Shelter, Jurassic World: The Game, GT Manager, F1 Mobile Racing and more. They’re also no strangers to blockchain gaming, having worked with Animoca Brands to make REVV Racing and F1 Delta Time, the latter having to be shut down due to Animoca not being able to renew their F1 license.

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