Game studio Web3 InfiniGods today announced the public launch of InfiniMerge, a free-to-play game built using blockchain technology.

The new game is set in an ancient Greek landscape with an emphasis on construction and adventure. It is the first product of InfiniGods’ $9 million funding from Pantera Capital, Framework Ventures and Animoca Brands.

The company describes InfiniMerge as a fresh take on casual logic games inspired by Candy Crush, for example. With InfiniMerge, players are given new levels inspired by legends and characters from ancient Greek myths.

A side note: OpenAI will lead to make better Web3 game components

Since the release of the beta, the game has attracted over 1,000 players with first day retention rates above 40% and retention rate 7-10% in summary. These are higher retention rates than similar puzzle games, with non-exchangeable tokens (NFT holders) being used more frequently than standard tokens.

Merge games are popular for their simple mechanics and straightforward progression, and InfiniMerge combines all this with elements of Web3, such as digital collectibles and game rewards. We believe that Web3 games will only reach their potential if the games are fun and accessible, and that is the goal we sought to achieve with InfiniMerge

Damon Gura, CEO of InfiniGods
InfiniMerge gameplay

The game also benefits from the instant feedback loop that has become a unique advantage of games. A dedicated Discord support channel has helped InfiniGods developers identify bugs and implement quick improvements based on community feedback.

The InfiniGods team makes free-to-play games, centered around ancient mythologies and civilizations. The company’s mission is to make games accessible and enjoyable for all, empowering people to own their game assets and increasing the player-owned economy.