The Turkish game market is actively growing in terms of game development and investment attractiveness. The number of events dedicated to the mobile games market is also increasing. On September 17th in Ankara, Hyper Games Conference (HGC) will bring international representatives of major companies and the Turkish gaming industry to exchange experiences and make personal contacts at the offline Hyper Games Meet-up.

The conference will focus mainly on the hyper-casual game market but will also cover the general development, promotion, and work in the mobile game market.

Hyper Games Meet-up is an offline event dedicated to developing, promoting and growing the hyper-casual and mobile games industry for the local community.

Hyper Games Meet-up
CoZone Ankara

The offline meetup will take place at CoZone Ankara. Participants will include more than 15+ speakers and representatives from CrazyLabs, TapNation, Adjust, UAhero, Ketchapp, Rotatelab, Ancient Peacock Studio, ByteTyper,, Pixelized Studio, Ravion Games & Simulation, 411 Games, NoExit Games, METU GATES, Gamebow, MobileAction and about 30+ gaming companies.

The meetup will feature several panel discussions and a series of solo talks from gaming industry experts.

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  • Participation is free for game studios
  • Game services and publishers pay

Join game industry experts and make new acquaintances!