HC.Games, together with Storeglide continue the Hyper-Casual Weekly digest. Let’s look at the most exciting projects of the past week.

Side note: Hyper-Casual Weekly №4.

Number.io: Stick Tower Defense by Bui Thi Ha

In this game, the gamer will focus on adventure and combat. It is a survival game with two-dimensional graphics. The player gathers soldiers for an army and wins a battle against another stickman to increase his strength. After that, he becomes more robust and goes for more victories.

Road Master 3D by Skyloft sp. z o.o.

In this game, the gamer acts as a road worker who builds a road. He plants seeds and cuts the grass to create a beautiful environment. Road building has never been more exciting.


The game is a first-person ranner. The gamer collects «hands» to defeat enemies and fights a final battle at the end of the race.

Find the Ghost by 4U Games

In this game, the gamer acts as a ghost hunter. He scans the apartment and saves the inhabitants of the house from spirits.

Cruise master by LuB

The player will be on a cruise ship, which should be prepared to receive passengers. Table laying, helping with suitcases, and much more await you in this game.

Meteorite Scrap by HIGHSCORE GAMES Inc

The player acts as an astronaut who lands with his team on a meteorite to mine precious metals and ores. Shoot to break rocks, collect ore and get money!

Hula Hoops Clicker by Own Lab Dev

Spin the hoops and get coins to unlock more hula-hoops. Unlock new characters and choose a dance style for them. How many hula-hoops can you spin at once? Check it out in this game.

Drive or Die by Umur Can Gürelli

To survive, the player drives a car and kills enemies, the number of which is much higher. But the gamer has access to many types of weapons, which, by the way, are improving. Check how well you drive, as well as shoot, in this game.

The Floor Is Lava — Adventure by DesertFox Games

Only one rule works in the game: the floor is lava. The player jumps and passes an obstacle course to get to the finish line.

Sports Club by Turquoise Game

The gamer creates his own sports team and manages games and practices. There are customization elements available in the game: new balls, training locations and so on. Expand and discover a basketball and become a better coach.