HC.Games, together with Storeglide, continue the Hyper-Casual Weekly digest. Let’s look at the most exciting projects of the past week.

Side note: Hyper-Casual Weekly №4.

King of Steaks by CrazyLabs

In this game, the gamer acts as a chef. Grilling meat is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The gamer serves the customers, cooks the meat, seasons it with different spices, and adds garnishes to give the visitors the best score. Fans of cooking games will appreciate King of Steaks.

Oil Tycoon Idle 3D by BREW GAMES

Oil Tycoon Idle 3D will appeal to players who like to try new things. In the game, gamers start a career as an oil tycoon: collecting oil, building and upgrading oil refineries, making oil deals, and earning billions of dollars from their business.

Pixel Demolish by Rollic Games

This game will test gamers’ ability to think creatively. The goal is to shred falling pixel blocks. The player draws spikes on special cogs to shred the falling block as much as possible, from which gold coins fall out.

Leaf Blower — City Cleaning Game by Freeplay

Leaf Blower is a fascinating cleaning simulator that allows you to get rid of both leaves and unpleasant thoughts. The player is armed with a unique blower to clean the yard. The gamer’s task is to keep the city clean.

Slingshot Boy by Nineva Games

The game will take anyone who opens Slingshot Boy back to their childhood. Using a slingshot and a scope, the gamer smashes the targets on each unique and fun level, of which there are plenty in the game.

Car Tune by SquareDino

In the game, the gamer acts as a racer. SquareDino has provided car tuning and customization of every body part so that the player can create a unique car and then win on it in drag racing.

TakeOver Battle by FlexiPixie

The gamer must try to capture as much of the area where the soldiers are standing as possible. Once all the wars are assigned to teams, the fences fall, and the battle begins. Compete with opponents worldwide to find out who has the most powerful army.

Sea Naissance by 1 Simple Game

The game is an underwater simulator. The gamer controls a small turtle that explores the world around him, discovers new underwater zones and meets many sea creatures. Beautiful graphics, simple controls and exciting tasks await players in Sea Naissance.

My Little Farm by Turquoise Game

In this game, the gamer becomes a real farmer. The player breeds animals, grow crops and sells products, and develops and improves the farm with the proceeds. Various tasks will not make you bored, and the exciting gameplay will be hard to tear away from.

Scrap Divers by Gearhead Games ApS

The gamer acts as a robot that falls down an endless tunnel. The control is done with one finger to make it easier to see the blades and saws you need to dodge. The developers have also provided many skins and other cosmetics. Set records and take first place on the world leaderboard.