HC.Games, together with Storeglide continue the Hyper-Casual Weekly digest. Let’s look at the most exciting projects of the past week.

Side note: Hyper-Casual Weekly №3.

Crazy tire — Reach the Moon by Ketchapp

In Crazy Tire — Reach the Moon, the player controls a tire that rolls and destroys everything around it. The developers have provided customization and various improvements for the tire. The game is intuitive and held with one finger, so it will be hard to get distracted.

Train Adventure by Yso Corp

In this game, gamers build a train on which they travel the railroad, defeat zombies, collect resources, and gain in-game currency. A level lasts from one checkpoint to the next. Players spend the currency on improving the train: buy and upgrade weapons, and buy additional boosters.

Cut Down All by Seikami

In Cut Down All, the player cuts down trees in rainforests and collects cacti in desolate deserts or even in water. Many mysterious islands have to be found on their own. As the game progresses, the truck will have more steep saws and increased capacity and speed.

Air Support! by Supersonic

In this game, the gamer defends the troops and the base, using planes and other weapons. The goal is to prevent the enemy from taking over the outpost. Everything in the game is destroyed: buildings, bridges, cars and gas stations, which gives a special realism and forces the gamer to approach the task more creatively.

Ant Miner 3D by GOODROID,Inc.

Feel like an ant. The game’s goal is to collect all the food and bring it home. Intuitive gameplay and clever retention elements will make you return to the game repeatedly.

Kunai Master by Bairam Aslan

Playing as a ninja, clear the location of enemies. Throw kunai and pierce the enemies. Teleport to weapons and dodge attacks to avoid danger.

Crowd Jam by Ararat Games

Weekends are the busiest time for grocery shopping. In this game, the gamer is shopping in the store. As more people are in the supermarket, you must fight the crowds. Avoid obstacles, help others shop, and earn and spend points. The game will especially appeal to fans of shopping.

Tsunami.io by Borna Tech

Summer has passed, but I want to go to the sea. Tsunami.io will recreate the atmosphere of rest, but slightly differently. In this game, the gamer controls the tsunami, washes the beach things off the coast and earns points. Lots of maps, unexpected mechanics and interesting gameplay. That’s what you get when you play this game.

Digging Balls by Happy Magic Nice Games

The gameplay is simple. The player earns points to buy new balls. The more balls on the level, the more points the gamer gets when the level is over. A variety of maps, skins and an interesting, colourful design — that’s how you can describe Digging Balls.

Weight for it! by JeanBa-Gaming

The game will test your intuition. It is necessary to determine which of the items presented on the screen is heavier and which is lighter. Apple, cupcake, gold cup — not the whole list of things you will meet in the game.