HC.Games together with Storeglide continue the Hyper-Casual Weekly digest. Let’s take a look at the most interesting projects of the past week.

Blast Master 3D by Mert Colakoglu Studio

This is a 3D ranger in which you can test your archery skills. There are also puzzle elements, which only make the game more interesting.

Draw Catch Race by COPRO Studios

Draw a claw that will grab objects. 

Precise Killer by KobGames Studios

Assassin simulator. Take orders, find your victim in the crowd and neutralize them.

Chore Hero by KobGames Studios

You are a superhero in the middle of the house with a vacuum cleaner in your hands. What’s next? Download and figure it out for yourself! 

Color Pass by Buket Zehir Studios

Match the colors to open the door. You can get out of the maze if all the doors are open. 

Train Stuffer by KobGames studio

Ever dreamed of working in the subway and helping people get on the train? There is every chance to try yourself in this role!

Sheep market: Grow animals by Mamboo Games LLC

Build your own farm. Shear pretty sheep and make fabric for your future clothes!

Build Car & Cross Puzzle Game by Nabeel Munawar Mughal Studios

A puzzle game. Use different tools to build your mini car. Overcome obstacles without falling off the map.

Break The Wall by KobGames Studios

Have you seen Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining? If not, don’t watch it, but rather play this game.

Ghost Hunter 3D by DATS Studios

Well, you must have seen Ivan Reitman’s Ghostbusters! If you haven’t, take a look! And you can feel like one of them in this game!

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