HC.Games, in conjunction with AppMagic, presents the November 2022 Hyper-Casual Games Market Review. This time the top 10 included the following companies: SayGames Ltd, Supersonic Studios LTD, Hippo Lab, Bravestars Global Publishing, and WONDER GROUP, and the total number of game installations from the top almost exceeded the 1 billion mark.

Side note: Hyper-casual games market review for September 2022.

  1. Color Page ASMR by SayGames Ltd — 10 461 732;
  2. Tall Man Run by Supersonic Studios LTD — 9 586 795;
  3. Snake Lite by Hippo Lab — 9 562 716;
  4. Save the Doge by WONDER GROUP — 9 245 452;
  5. Car Games 3D: Car Racing by Bravestars Global Publishing — 9 155 221;
  6. Snow Race: Snow Ball.IO от студии Bravestars Global Publishing — 8 784 320;
  7. Rainbow Impostor Survivor 3D от студии ABI Global LTD — 8 205 374;
  8. Race Master 3D – Car Racing by SayGames Ltd — 8 025 008;
  9. Bridge Race by Supersonic Studios LTD — 8 000 817;
  10. DOP 4: Draw One Part by SayGames Ltd — 7 810 424.
Source: AppMagic

Color Page ASMR

Everyone loves colouring books. That’s why Color Page ASMR took first place at the top. In the game, gamers draw pictures and colour in ready-made patterns. Create hundreds of beautiful views, hone your artistic skills and relieve stress with a vibrant, creative play that brings endless fun and relaxation to players of all ages.

Tall Man Run

Tall man Run is once again a top game from Supersonic Studios. This time it is a render in which the gamer’s goal is to lead the most elevated and fattest character to the finish line, overcoming interesting and unusual obstacles.

Snake Lite

Snake Lite by Hippo Lab studio. A fun and addictive game from the io genre, where the gamer controls a snake and collects «nutritional» power-ups to grow. The game provides an arena in which only one snake will remain. Download and test your strength; maybe you are the one snake lord!

Save the Doge

In the game, the gamer has to save a cute dog from an evil swarm of bees. The player draws obstacles to keep the pet alive. Within 6 seconds, the doggie must be safe to open the next level. Try your hand at this exciting game.

Car Games 3D: Car Racing

With Car Games 3D: Car Racing in your pocket, players can instantly access exciting racing anytime, anywhere. Top the rankings and complete quests and challenges in a crazy, colourful whirlwind.

Snow Race!!

The game aims to mould snowballs and overcome obstacles faster than other users. Summer has already passed, but winter has not yet arrived. Snow Race is a great way to prepare for winter and remember how to handle snow.

Rainbow Impostor Survivor 3D

In Rainbow Impostor Survivor 3D, the gamer steps into the role of an impostor kidnapped during a school field trip to an amusement park called Spooky park. Since his capture, the impostor has lived for five nights in a place with nothing living but him and the Rainbow Monster.

Race Master 3D — Car Racing

A racing game from the SayGames studio that will test gamers’ stamina and reaction with various obstacles and unexpected levels. Do not let the cars of your rivals close. Otherwise, you will get off the track and have to start again.

Bridge Race

Bridge Race is a Supersonic studio game released on February 13, 2021. The competition aims to compete with opponents, collect blocks of matching colours and build a bridge. Whoever gets to the finish line first takes the prize.

DOP 4: Draw One Part

The game challenges the gamer’s ingenuity and drawing talent. The player solves puzzles and works through many levels with images, each with something a little off.

Use your finger to draw and outline the shapes of the parts that the drawing needs, and then watch as the game colours and fills in the rest of the details.