Web3 is fundamentally altering the gaming industry by introducing novel game features involving blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. As it democratizes various aspects of gaming, gamers now have completely new opportunities for success.

Ownership control & seamless asset movement

The primary feature of blockchain games is ownership control, which allows for self-sovereignty. NFTs allowed players to claim full ownership of all in-game items and collectables. Web3 ensures that users truly own the in-game assets they create by leveraging competition for asset interoperability. Players may own in-game items in one game and use them on a platform of their choice.

Accessibility & openness

One of the most notable aspects of Web3 gaming is the emphasis on the system’s dispersed nature. Unlike centralized games, you are not reliant on a single server. The Web3 gaming environment operates autonomously with minimal interference from a centralized authority, ensuring exceptional availability.

Participant-centred experiences

The top web3 game developers show how the new gaming ecosystem thrives on personalized experiences. Numerous notable examples of web3 games prioritizing providing the best incentives to players.

Web3, Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity, for instance, is a well-known example of a play-to-earn web3 game in which players can profit by using their gaming skills and helping to improve the ecosystem.

The future of work

The next generation of gaming platforms will enable players to earn money while playing their favourite games from anywhere in the world by owning in-game tokens that can be used, traded, or sold on the blockchain. For example, play-to-earn games, where gamers become both the product and the economy, rather than just the economies that support these gaming corporations. These new platforms have the potential to disrupt the gaming industry significantly.

Side note: Zilliqa announces Web3 console.

Web3 has democratized the gaming industry

Incorporating blockchain and metaverse technology into Web3 gaming has significantly changed the gaming industry. It has democratized the gaming industry by removing centralized platform owners and game managers. Web3 gaming is also contributing to the gaming industry’s financial strength through cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, DAO, and the metaverse.

There is still much to discover. Large gaming companies like Ubisoft and Zynga are now exploring this space; one can expect a rapid uptake of web3 games once AAA-quality games are released in the future.