According to online sources, this week, Google is testing ways to run games on cloud services directly from search results. Today, the feature is available to a limited number of users.

Some Google users have noticed the new feature. If you search for a game by title, the search engine will show a «‎Play» button under the description, and you can immediately launch the game on the available cloud service. Users choose between Google StadiaAmazon LunaXbox Cloud Gaming and NVIDIA GeForce Now platforms.

After clicking «‎Play» in the search results, the user is prompted to sign in or register for the selected service. The new feature simplifies the transition to gameplay, as clicking on the«‎Play» button replaces going to the cloud service page, finding the game you want and launching it.

It’s still unclear when the company will make the new feature publicly available. Online sources report that the «‎Play» button can periodically appear and disappear for the same users. This means that the search giant is testing the feature and evaluating the reaction of users. Official representatives have not yet commented on this topic.

Side note: Google Play Games is now available for Windows users