adjoe, together with Hamburg-based global market research institute Appinio, has produced a new report, Germany’s Mobile Gamers 2023, which details the demographics and behavior of German mobile gamers.

In January 2023, the institute asked 1,000 German mobile gamers — a group representative of age and gender with 500 men and women each — to answer questions about their mobile gaming behavior using the Appinio app. From time spent playing the game, favorite game genre, and platform to ad preferences.

Germany’s mobile gamers and their key characteristics from the report

53% of all survey participants play mobile games several times a day. The age groups most glued to their screens are 25-34-year-olds, followed by 55-65-year-olds.

  • 40% play 1 to 3 hours a week
  • 26% play 3 to 5 hours a week
  • 26% play more than 5 hours a week

When Appinio and adjoe sifted through the “heavy gamers” who spend more than 5 hours a week playing games, they found that 46% play casual games.

The most popular genres among mobile gamers in Germany are:

  • Strategies — 42%.
  • Puzzle games — 39%
  • Word games — 31%

Among German mobile gamers who play 2 – 3 games on their devices, Android users account for nearly 75%. The difference is not so noticeable if you look at those who play more than 5 games — but even then, the Android platform is 63%. And how frequent is this entertainment? According to the data, just over 50% of Android users play mobile games several times a day, and just over 20% play several times a week. A total of 40% of them play between 1 and 3 hours a week, and 28% play more than 5 hours a week.

Advertising in games

The report shows that 56% of “heavy gamers” in Germany use in-game ads:

  • 39% use it to unlock power-ups
  • 21% intentionally use ads to discover a new favorite game. 61% of German players discovering new games through in-app ads play several times daily

22% of those surveyed, no longer make in-app purchases, and 14% make fewer purchases. On the other hand, instead of spending money, 22% of them spend more time interacting with ads for rewards that help them get a head start on the game.

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In conclusion, let’s take a look at how these mobile gamers are discovering their favorite games. German Android users are looking for new games more actively than iOS users. 80% of gamers who install new games on their devices once or twice a week have Android.

The full report from adjoe and Appinio can be found at: