Venturebeat reports that Gankster, a competitive gaming and esports platform, has raised $4.25 million in a seed round of funding. Bessemer Venture Partners and Hetz Ventures also participated.

Side note: Sky Mavis announces $2 million funding in Esports Grant 3.

Gankster’s goal is to create an internal infrastructure and operating system for competitive gaming. With tools for teams, individual players, publishers, tournament organizers and brands, the company aims to centralize the esports ecosystem on one platform.

Casual and hardcore players create teams on the platform, compete, train and track match data using Gankster. The company reports that the product is popular with college and women’s teams and boasts support from major cybersports organizations like Immortals, Dignitas, XSET and TSM.

For the average gamer, finding a team and competition is challenging because the market is fragmented and traditionally relies on Discord and spreadsheets. The platform offers a comprehensive and accessible environment for professional growth for every gamer, from professionals to casual gamers, connecting all stages of the game and making the journey in one place.

Uriya Schwarz, CEO of Gankster

Gankster uses direct access to supported game APIs to automate the organizational tasks required for gaming competitions. This includes Discord integration, a practice booking system, player recruitment and a team social calendar.

Today, League of Legends, Valorant, Rocket League and Dota 2 are supported. The company plans to provide support for mobile and battle royale games shortly.

The fight against toxicity is one of the main priorities of Gankster. To create a healthy competitive environment, the platform has developed a rating system GANKREP 1.0. Player rankings are calculated based on post-match feedback from peers and data from both the app and the games themselves.

The company began development in mid-2021. During the first year, the platform grew steadily by 20% month after month with zero marketing costs. Today there are already more than 20,000 registered teams.

Gankster uses the investment to attract specialists, expand into additional games, fund competitions, and support local and online gaming communities. In addition, the company will begin monetizing the product in the first quarter of 2023.