Where mobile games will be promoted in 2023?


Mobile games are constantly and rapidly evolving. The Covid-19 era, global crises, and the growing popularity of remote work have led to mobile games having an...


Anzu takes out a patent on ad-tracking technology


In-game ad sales company Anzu has secured a patent for its pioneering development in tracking ad visibility in 3D environments. The company announced this on...


Audio ads – the future of mobile gaming


The current mobile game developers are under incredible pressure from all sides. Shops are tightening product regulations, and users are spending less money on...


A Deep Dive Into CrazyLabs’ Transparency


The foundation of hyper-casual game development is game data, data, and more data. From testing your very first creatives, all the way to full launch, transparency...


Trends in mobile app development in 2023


What mobile app trends await us in 2023? Having gone from the pandemic to skyrocketing company stocks, mobile app developers are now facing the next challenges...


A player-oriented approach in advertising creatives


Venturebeat reports that the approach to mobile game creatives changed in 2020, with game app downloads up 30%, but developers expect an inevitable decline. Will...


Report from SocialPeta and GameIS. Live-action advertising creatives with high CG quality contribute to the success of Israeli game companies.

According to SocialPeta and their mobile gaming analytics report for the first half of 2022, the Middle East was the region with the highest average of advertising...


How to make hyper-casual games an advertising environment for a brand

Over the past few years, hyper-casual games have caught the attention of well-known brands and marketers looking to expand their audience reach. Meagan Martino,...


Monetization of mobile games

Mike Gadd, chief operating officer at Kindred For Business, shared his opinion for the Pocketgamer, how mobile extensions increase revenue while reducing consumer...


Sensor Tower named top advertisers in August on OTT services in the U.S.

Sensor Tower identified the top-performing advertisers on over-the-top platforms in the United States in August. Hulu was the most popular service among advertisers...


Gadsme enters the audio advertising market

Gadsme, a company specializing in monetizing advertising, recently announced the launch of a new format, audio advertising. In addition to the expansion, the...


89% of publishers monetize apps with in-game advertising

Anna Badalamenti, senior development manager at Liftoff, talked about best practices for monetizing apps with in-game advertising and approaches to integration...


Apple ranks first in advertising

Apple is ahead of Google and Facebook in digital advertising after a change in the privacy policy, according to a report by Appsumer. The study is based on analysing...


How accessible and inclusive ads improve your CPI

With IAPs bringing in less than 50% of revenue, user engagement in the mobile gaming industry is becoming vital. Creative and strategic thinking is coming to...


“Every game has a chance. Don’t be afraid of CPI!”. Lecture by MondayOFF

If you are faced with doubts about whether your product will be able to succeed, then the lecture from Alejandra Caceres & Leslie Olesch from MondayOFF is...


LTV & Growth – lecture by Sivan Peled from Moonee Publishing

Sivan is a UA & monetization manager at Moonee, which means she is responsible for the growth of the games. Sivan worked at Moonee for a year after earning...


10 tips for creating creatives for hyper-casual games

Creatives seem simple, but CPI levels are directly related to them. Lolita Snopkova, director of creative operations, and Darya Ipatova, motion designer at Supersonic,...


Mobile game marketing analysis report for the first half of 2022 by SocialPeta


The big game companies are still in tough competition, while the smaller game companies are steadily moving forward. So what happened in the mobile gaming industry...


The Mobile eCPM Report: In-App Ad Monetization Worldwide


Appodeal updates the Mobile eCPM Report every quarter, where the company analyzes the eCPM of millions of ad impressions worldwide. Check out the key insights,...


Adverty launches industry-first streaming video technology for In-Play ads


Adaptive streaming video ads, created through a partnership between SeenThis and Adverty, bring innovative formats to the world of gaming. According to Jonas...