According to Newzoo research, franchises often choose the mobile platform as a priority for product sales.

Newzoo analyzed 650 mobile games based on data from partner Airnow, of which 510 were in the Apple App Store and Google Play as of 2021.

Newzoo surveyed consumers in mobile markets in the U.S., Germany, Japan and China to determine mobile gamers’ attitudes toward franchise-based games and found a positive impact on industry growth.

In addition to this positive impact, the company found that franchises are essential in attracting “high spenders” – gamers who spend more than $25 a month on mobile games. Newzoo’s findings in the U.S., Germany, Japan and China show that gamers who pay $5 to $25 a month are more likely to download a game based on a franchise or their universe, while high spenders are 2.84 times more likely to download games.

Other data from the analysis shows:

  • Franchise-based games rank higher on the list of Asia’s highest-grossing mobile games;
  • Publishers are showing interest in creating games based on a franchise or their universe;
  • Western is attracting more downloads;
  • Marvel-based mobile games are globally popular;
  • Disney’s localized games are succeeding in Japan with the highest competition;
  • The largest and fastest-growing gaming market continues to be the mobile industry, which continues to outperform PC and console games. By 2022, mobile platforms will account for 53% of global game market revenue.

Side note: The highest-grossing mobile games of the past quarter have been named.