The SocialPeta platform has released the H1 report, which reveals statistics about the mobile games and apps industry. The Middle East, South America and South Asia are the market leaders with a growth rate of 10 per cent.

The report showed that in the first half of 2022, the marketing strategy in the mobile games industry focused on quality, resulting in fewer ads, but T2 and T3 markets found significant growth.

SocialPeta says that in the first half of the year, the number of advertisers declined by two per cent and creatives by 27.83%. However, the Middle East, South America, South Asia and other markets saw a 10% increase.

In addition, more gamers became interested in streaming during the pandemic. The SocialPeta report showed that this led to an inflated expectation for games and an increased demand for high-quality game content.

Since Covid-19, T3 markets have accelerated digital infrastructure construction, creating more business opportunities. Application globalization has focused on T3 needs to avoid involution: financial technology, e-commerce, social interaction, entertainment, gaming and other industries in T3 markets today also deserve attention.

Side note: Mobile game marketing analysis report for the first half of 2022 by SocialPeta.