Diablo Immortal from Activision Blizzard launched in China on July 25 on iOS and Android platforms. The game’s launch coincided with a new download record. The mark reached 20 million. On July 28, free MMORPG passed the next milestone. This time, the amount spent by the players in the game was $100 million.

Statistical analysis of the income shows that since its release on June 2, 2022, the game has earned more than $ 1 million daily.

Diablo Immortal $100 million

Diablo Immortal became the most downloaded app on the Chinese App Store in the first two days. The mobile game ranked second on the list of highest-grossing games in China on July 26. Despite the positive statistics from the Asian region, the U.S. is still the game’s primary source of revenue, followed by South Korea and Japan.

Pokémon GO and Fire Emblem Heroes, now available on mobile devices, took two and ten weeks to reach that revenue figure. Diablo Immortal is the second fastest mobile game to cross the $100 million milestone.

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