Success story from Homa Games about how their Monetization optimization helped Puzzle Dream reach outstanding ad-revenue metrics for their casual title. In this case study, you will learn the main achievements and experiences of working on the Cube Blast Journey. 

The case

Puzzle Dream is a studio from Hong Kong specializing in Casual Games. Guys reached out to Homa Games to advance their title. With significant potential, their newest game, Cube Blast Journey, also required some improvements. As improvements, it instructed ASO, assistance with product uplift & creative management. Most importantly, the title needed the monetization, LTV & eCPM enhancements. Before transferring to Homa Games, Cube Blast Journey’s IS was $13.86, and RV was $16.9.

The study 

Homa Games started improving the game in March 2022, and here is a summary of their results. 

  • App Store Optimization: Homa’s team created & tested new assets to outperform the current store layout.
  • User Acquisition: Homa launched new campaigns and geos and increased its ad spending budget by +36% from October 2021 to May 2022.
  • Product uplift: Homa has provided product recommendations and a new roadmap for the game based on benchmark analysis. The game was entirely reworked from level 0 to 30, which helped make a smoother onboarding and improve the first-time user experience (FTUE).
  • UI changes: The glow & the movement were added to the placement of the RV button. By modifying only the UI, there was an increase of +9% LTV AND US.
  • Creative management: Testing new creatives for the game helped to get higher performance.
  • Monetization: Homa Games optimized the monetization set-up after the transfer & SDK integration.

Key results 

Thanks to the substantial work, here are  the main achievements happened in Cube Blast Journey: 

  • IS value: uplift of +40%, making it reach $19.21
  • RV value: increase of +10%, reaching $19.77
  • LTV: uplift by +14%

The case study showed the best results of this collaboration, which produced excellent ad-revenue metrics & LTV improvements. You can find detailed and the main takeaways of the work info in the infographic below.

Download and play the Cube Blast Journey today! Available on IOS and Android.

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