Count and Bounce by HyperMonk Games were released on November 9, 2021. Today the game passed the milestone of 5 million installs. The company announced this on its official LinkedIn account.

Side note: Teacher Simulator exceeded 68 million installations.

Hypermonk Games was founded in 2020 as a mobile game development studio. The company is headquartered in Ankara. The talented and young team follows trends closely. Today, the studio has a staff of 9 people.

Hypermonk Games’ portfolio includes seven games. The studio developed and published count and Bounce and Drift 2 Drag, and Kahraman Bingol published the other projects.

Source: Company website

More about Count and Bounce

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Count and Bounce is a hyper-casual game in which the gamer collects balls and bounces on tile «multipliers». To unlock a new level, the player must have a particular barrier to the number of balls collected.

Source: Company social media

The game is controlled with one finger, and the session does not last more than one minute. The game is perfect for «killing time» on a break, in line, or transport.

Try your hand at this addictive game, and join the 5 million fans of HyperMonk Games.