ByteBrew, the all-in-one analytics platform, launches a powerful new tool for game developers, Server-Side In-App Purchase Validation.

ByteBrew is a leading analytics provider for mobile game developers across the globe, servicing over 2,500 game developers with real-time custom analytics, monetization tracking, player progression, retention analytics, journey funnels, remote configs, a/b testing, push notifications, and attribution measurement in one centralized platform.


In their most recent release to the platform, ByteBrew has launched Server-side In-App Purchase Validation. This new feature allows developers to use the ByteBrew SDK to process purchase payloads in real-time, verifying real purchase receipts by returning a validation status.

What’s the problem with standard client-side purchase validation? Purchase fraud. By using traditional in-app purchase validation from out-dated platforms that locally validate purchases on the player’s phone, developers are left vulnerable to fraudulent purchases that can be tampered with on the local device to scam developers into unlocking in-game items without payment.

By upgrading to ByteBrew, you’ll get out of the box access to their tamper-proof server-side validation system; giving developers peace of mind when distributing in-game items to their players.

This was by far one of our most requested features by game developers in our community. This free solution solves a universal issue for every game, regardless of genre. Even for a hyper-casual game with only a single in-app purchase to remove in-game ads, our server-side purchase validation eliminates potential damage to the game’s ad revenue performance by stopping players from fabricating the in-app purchase to remove ads.

Kian Hozouri, Co-founder of ByteBrew

Server-side validation is offered to all game developers on ByteBrew 100% free, saving developers from having to spend thousands a month on a third party liveops service or building their own server infrastructure to validate purchases.

Start using ByteBrew for your games today 100% free by signing up at:

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