ByteBrew, is a leading all-in-one analytics platform that gives mobile game developers everything they need to grow their games such as: real-time analytics, monetization tracking, player progression, retention analytics, journey funnels, remote configs, a/b testing, push notifications, and attribution measurement.

During their biggest announcement this year, ByteBrew has launched Custom Workspace dashboards on their platform. Custom workspace is an all new comprehensive suite of data analytics tools where game developers can build, visualize and save their own game dashboards to unlock undiscovered insights into their games’ performance.

What can you build with ByteBrew Custom Workspace?

Diving deep into developer’s custom tracked events, Custom Workspace enables unlimited exploration into how player’s experience and interact with every part of your game using the following dashboard tools:

  • Custom Event Funnels: With Custom Funnels you can build each and every step of your players journey to understand when and where your players transition through your game.
  • Event Breakdowns: Use Event Breakdowns dashboard to get a granular view into your game’s custom events by breaking down your metrics by any sub-parameter you track.
  • User Cohorts: Utilize ByteBrew’s User Cohorts to locate gameplay trends within different populations of user segments day by day.
  • Custom Analytics: Build your own analytic queries to visualize your gameplay data to uncover new user behaviors in your games on their Custom Analytics dashboard.

Every dashboard in Custom Workspace can even be saved to their own charts and shared with your teammates working on your games to collaborate and learn new insights about your games.

Custom workspaces gives developers the analytic complexity of a large publisher with the simplicity of an out-of-the box solution; so game developers of all sizes can get profound value using ByteBrew. Our ultimate mission for ByteBrew is to give developers the ability to turn game developers making their passion projects into thriving businesses

Cameron Hozouri, Co-founder of ByteBrew

Custom Workspace is available to all game developers for free on the ByteBrew platform. Sign up to start using ByteBrew at:

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