Web3 development platform Bunzz has managed to complete a $4.5 million investment round. The funding will be used to create the Bunzz Smart Contract Centre, which is already used by more than 8,000 app developers. Among the investors were DG Daiwa Ventures, Coincheck and Ceres.

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Ultimately, Bunzz aims to become the web equivalent of Docker Hub. Unmodifiable smart contracts on blockchain are open source software, also called “public goods” because anyone can access and use them without permission. However, their usage process and logic are difficult to understand, making them inconvenient for engineers who want to reuse them. We aim to solve this problem by encouraging the creators of smart contract modules to create more accurate code and documentation.

Kenta Akutsu, CEO of Bunzz

Bunzz and its features

The platform launched in February 2022 and has already been able to establish itself as the largest DApp infrastructure in Asia – more than 3,000 projects have already been deployed online. In addition, the startup is a finalist for ICetea Lab, Singapore’s largest web3 development programme.

Interface of a smart contract creating

If developers are able to implement smart contract centre improvements, this will lead to a significant reduction in the complexity of developing DApps format applications. This, in turn, could well lead to web2 programmers being able to engage in contract development and more easily enter and adapt to the web3 space.