According to a report by the Digital Entertainment and Retail Association (ERA), British bought 75.4 million copies of games last year, 82% of which were purchased digitally.

A side note: Chinese and UK gaming markets falls partly in 2022

In total, the people of Foggy Albion will spend £4.66 billion on digital entertainment in 2022, an increase of 2.3% on 2021. Similarly, the share of sales of digital copies of games increased by 2% to 82% of the total.

British bought
FIFA 2023 has become the most popular game among British

The most popular games were FIFA 2023 (2.53 million copies), CoD MW 2022 (1.67 million copies) and Elden Ring (862 thousand copies). This year’s leader is likely to be Hogwarts Legacy, with a huge chunk of sales falling to the UK.

Among other interesting figures, British bought На 29% меньше консолей, чем в 2021 году. A total of 2.4 million consoles of all kinds were bought, but the best-selling console was the Nintendo Switch (almost 880,000 copies).