Using game bots and hardware cheats facilitates criminal money-making and gives unscrupulous players (cheaters) the ability to supercharge their game characters. Denuvo has shared an article on how to detect and fight them.

What methods do cheaters use, and what can you do to stop them?
Instead of spending long hours in the game environment, cheaters use bots — a type of artificial intelligence (AI)-based software that plays the game itself — to advance through the game and increase the value of the game character. And if the game rewards with real money or cryptocurrency, it quickly becomes the property of the cheaters.

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Some go even further and use hardware cheats, modifying the keyboard and mouse. With these modifications, they can, for example, press buttons 100 times faster than any human, gaining an advantage.

How are bots and hardware cheats hurting the gaming world?

Their real value is reduced when in-game rewards or a more valuable character are obtained through automation rather than earned at an average human pace. Cheaters frustrate those who play honestly, making the game less fun for them.

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Moreover, the use of bots and hardware cheats not only ruins the experience for legitimate players but also destroys the business model of the game’s publishers. The game suffers from fewer app purchases, more player churn, and a ruined reputation.


Existing anti-cheater solutions can detect any changes to a device (such as a PC), but they cannot detect changes to hardware (such as a hard drive or computer mouse). But you are no longer helpless in this struggle if you are a game publisher. Denuvo Unbotify is an AI-driven technology that goes beyond bot detection.

It tracks all game interactions through many elements: the number of taps, tap speed, and location on the screen, as well as on mobile devices, where touch angle, gyroscope, and accelerometer also play a role. It then compares these interactions to what is considered normal for that particular game, identifying, with anomaly detection, those who act outside the set parameters.

This technology can be applied to mobile games, consoles, PC, and web games, free-to-play and premium. Once a cheater is detected, you can decide what action to take against his or her account.