VentureBeat reports that venture capital firm Behold Ventures has raised $25.9 million. The funds will go to fund gaming startups in the fast-growing Nordic industry cluster in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.

The company will use the expertise and connections of co-founders in the gaming industry to find the most promising startups to help the selected companies scale and create successful games.

Behold Ventures has already invested in 12 studios, including Firestroke and Aurora Punks. Companies that receive investments are given access to the expertise of industry veterans to help build game studios and launch products that will become successful in the global marketplace.

Side note: Krafton buys Neon Giant, creator of The Ascent.

Behold Ventures
Source: Venturebeat

The Nordic gaming industry is more relevant than ever in the global marketplace, and it’s clear that an ever-growing global audience finds video games to be the most rewarding form of entertainment. We believe this sector has great value if it is handled by investors who genuinely understand the gaming industry and can help entrepreneurs build successful and long-lasting companies.

Karl Magnus Troedsson, co-founder of Behold Ventures

Being located in Sweden will allow the company to take advantage of the country’s talent pool and rapidly developing infrastructure, as the Swedish gaming industry will generate more revenue from foreign subsidiaries than domestic ones.

Finland remains the undisputed leader in the Scandinavian gaming sector today, but Sweden’s industry has also proven profitable. As Finland receives significant investments from various sources, Sweden has been in the shadows, which Behold hopes to remedy by drawing more attention to an often-overlooked market.