Azur Games has sold stakes in the Russian and Belarusian studios of mobile games to focus on other markets. The company’s management made this decision because of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The assets are being sold due to Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. On the part of the world community, Russia has condemned sanctions and trade embargoes. Belarus remained the only country in Europe that did not speak out against the war and acted as a political ally of Russia. Therefore, assets in this country are also sold out.

Azur Games sold shares of each studio which fell under the sanctions: the Russian companies Ural Games, Sibir Games, Sarafan and Last Level, and the Belarusian Oasis Games and AGB. Partner agreements were retained by the companies participating in Azur Games’ relocation program.

Studios of all levels participated in the relocation program, including independent companies and developers working on any platform.

The company builds practical cooperation with partners and helps developers move to other countries as international publishers. Several teams have already taken advantage of the program, and our relationship with them continues to grow.

Dmitry Yaminsky, co-founder of Azur Games

Azur Games announced the relocation program in May 2022. This program came about because of the mass relocation of specialists working in the game industry in Russia in protest against the war started by the government and in solidarity with Ukraine.

Side note: Analysis of gamers in Western Europe by CyberMedia Research.