Businesswire reports on the launch of AppLovin’s Vessel mobile NFT marketplace. The app has already appeared in the App Store and Google Play stores, and AppLovin subsidiary OpenVessel Technologies is listed as the developer.

Side note: Apple allows in-app NFT sales with a 30% commission fee.

Vessel is a universal trading platform that allows users to access personalized NFTs easily: users securely buy, sell and exchange tokens and then convert the funds into cash.

The platform allows mobile game creators to easily integrate NFT tokens into games to increase monetization and engagement. The app has already been verified by the App Store and Google Play, satisfying the stringent requirements of both stores.

Vessel represents an evolution in mobile game monetization and provides developers with new opportunities to drive engagement and growth. The marketplace works, and engagement data shows consumers are interested in such innovations, combining consumer demand to create and buy NFT with the high engagement associated with games.

Rafael Vivas, GM of New Initiatives at AppLovin

The platform is already enjoying a lot of interest, with dozens of developers actively integrating the marketplace into games for additional revenue. Using Vessel, Lion Studios integrated an in-game NFT event into a Match 3D game. The result was increased engagement and average revenue per daily active user — ARPDAU.

The potential for NFT is excellent, and this tool will be helpful for developers. Lion Studios has simplified the idea of NFT so that every user understands the benefits of crypto tokens. Thanks to the new platform, it was amazing to see an increase in purchases during the NFT event.

Randal York, Product Manager at Lion Studios