The Appodeal Stack platform has announced a new partnership with Applovin through reseller Bidmachine. The partnership allows MAX members easy access to Bidmachine’s services.

As part of this partnership, Bidmachine will integrate the in-app bidding solution into Applovin’s monetization platform and MAX as an SDK bidding platform. This will make it easier for MAX publishers to connect to Bidmachine data and not use custom integrations.

The partnership between BidMachine and MAX is an example of a symbiotic relationship. Both companies prioritize building long-term customer relationships through a technology ecosystem.

Fernando Granata, Bidmachine Business Director

Advertising in new directions

In-app bidding is becoming standardized in the advertising industry. Companies continue to adopt new tactics and implement advanced solutions to stand out from the crowd. Bidmachine offered an in-app bidding solution. The company continues to evolve to meet the demand for transparency and fair competition.

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As consumers become privacy-aware, the data collection and use process issues arise. Despite this, in-app advertising still plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining users.