In-game ad sales company Anzu has secured a patent for its pioneering development in tracking ad visibility in 3D environments. The company announced this on its official LinkedIn account.

The US Trademark Office has granted a patent for the new technology, which complies with current third-party brand safety standards and guidelines such as the MRC and IAB for in-game advertising.

We started developing our ad tracking engine over five years ago. We continue to improve and invest in it because we realise that for Anzu to succeed and for games to become an established advertising category, advertisers need an effective and transparent way to measure embedded ads, as well as a means to compare them to common ad formats.

Ben Fenster, Product Director at Anzu

Anzu’s new built-in ad tracking engine collects important data for calculating ad effectiveness, such as average screen coverage or position in the virtual world. The ad tracking engine combines these metrics with session data to create data models that can be used to optimise ad campaigns.

An example of algorithm work: tracking advertising and the space it takes up

The patent “System and Method for Detecting Object Visibility” with Patent Number 11 260 299 describes new and innovative ways of monitoring the visibility of advertising objects that are displayed on a device screen. It is through this that the effectiveness of advertising in the gaming environment is monitored. The mechanism can track it across multiple platforms and devices using unique calculation algorithms.

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Anzu – leader of in-game advertising

Anzu is a mobile, PC and console advertising company. The team allows developers to monetise their games and advertisers to engage players with non-destructive advertising that is part of the gameplay. In fact, these ads do not distract the player from the gameplay, but often serve to complement it. The company is the only officially licensed provider of in-game advertising for Xbox and the first advertising platform to be vetted by Unity. The company was founded in 2017.