The popularity of gaming continues to grow, and a growing number of advertisers are finding in-game advertising essential. Anzu and Kochava Collective have announced a new partnership to give their advertisers the flexibility to build an audience with privacy and customer protection.

Gamers are a diverse group of people spanning various ages and interests, making accurate audience targeting essential for an advertising campaign. Most advertisers seek to connect with a specific group of users.

We’re seeing a steady increase in the number of brands interested in going to games to reach their target audience. As advertisers try to find new ways to reach audiences while respecting users, games are becoming one of the best options. Precise targeting is something advertisers are used to, and we’re excited to partner with Kochava Collective to provide them with that.

Tegan Hull, Head of Operations at Anzu

Kochava Collective collects data from vetted, proprietary, and third-party sources, then segmented into several behavioral, demographic, and geographic segments. These segments can enhance the customer database for more detailed data analysis. More advanced data can be activated on major social and software platforms.

Anzu selects audience and geolocation ranges by entering the appropriate IP addresses into its system. Because the targeting parameters are based on IP addresses, advertisers will target gamers with banners and video ads on mobile devices, PCs, and consoles.

Our partnership with Anzu is an excellent opportunity to help grow their advertisers. In-game advertising is an exciting space to work in now and in the future. We’re excited to work with them while watching the company thrive.

Brian Cox, CEO of Kochava Collective

Advertisers working with Anzu also benefit from extremely low IVT (invalid traffic).

  • HUMAN (formerly White Ops) reports that Anzu’s IVT score for mobile is 0.16% and 0.47% for PC.
  • Comscore also reports an IVT score of 0.39% for video and 0.44% for media campaigns across Anzu’s mobile inventory, compared to a benchmark of 6%.

These estimates confirm that Anzu’s in-game advertising has a significantly lower fraud rate than other digital channels.

Anzu was recently awarded “Best Tech Platform” at the Drum Awards 2021. This distinction and the company’s continued involvement in partnerships have attracted major brands, including American Eagle, PepsiCo, 7-Eleven, Samsung, and Vodafone.