In a new report, Liftoff looks at the genre of casual games, analyzes changes and calls today’s genre metrics echoes of a pandemic.

CPI declined year-over-year from an average of $1.96 to $1.10. Of the three sub-genres of casual games that Liftoff looked at in the report, simulation games show the lowest CPI at $0.91. Logic games are in second place at $1.12, and Lifestyle games have the highest CPI at $1.40.

Side note: The future of the hyper-casual games market.

ROAS, the rate of return on ad spending, increased from 7.31% to 10.96% on D7 and from 17.81% to 29.6% on D30.

Hidden object games recorded the most vital ad impressions by the end at 90.52%. Colouring games ranked second with 69.03%, followed by comics with 69.02%.

Reward ads are the category of ads with the highest percentage of view completion. Match 3 games had 97.85% of gamers finish such ads, followed by puzzle board games at 97.46%.

Liftoff highlights Latin America in the report. The region shows the lowest average CPI in the casual genre at $0.66%. North America has the highest average CPI at $3.32.

You can download the full Liftoff report here.