One of the most popular female streamers and gas station aficionado, Amouranth, has announced her new plans to launch a challenger to the OnlyFans platform – Shush Club.

Called Shush Club, the platform will also function as an adult NFT marketplace, broadly operating as a means of streamlining and supporting adult content creators and providing users with all they need to establish their own content creation and fan-site business.

Boasting 5.5 million followers, the announcement alone serves as potent PR. Besides, Amouranth has an entrepreneurial background. She has previously gotten very involved in stock trading, real estate, and even several ventures, like gas stations and pool toys.

Having a challenger app for content creators just comes off as the latest addition in a highly diverse and interesting streamer’s portfolio.

Shush Club

Shush Club

Billed as a blockchain-powered alternative to the likes of OnlyFans, Shush Club aims to empower fans by providing easier access to marketing and investment opportunities. In addition to providing this easier access to support, its NFT marketplace would allow content creators to easily monetise and engage with their communities.

Currently, Amouranth is listed by Shush Club as one of its Brand Advisors and considering the fact that she’s one of the biggest earners on OnlyFans, she brings a high level of practical experience and knowledge.

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