Agave Games, founded in July 2020 by Alper Oner and Oujan Merdivenli and positioning itself as a hyper-casual game publisher, has completed its first investment round.

Investment tour 500 Istanbul ended with the participation of Akin Babaygit and Orkun Kilic. Agave Games aims to build a network of 5 studios with the investment received. The company strives to provide exclusive development and promotion services for various studios to generate more profit for each resource used.

Odujan, the co-founder of Agave Games, decided to bring his experience in game design to project management, hyper-casual development and game publishing at Agave Games as Development Manager for Good Job Games. Previously, he led the development and release of popular hyper-casual games such as Run Race 3D (over 250 million downloads) and Paint Pop 3D (over 100 million downloads). Alper brought his knowledge of big data analysis, business intelligence and experience while working for Beghou Consulting in the USA, a data consulting company.

Led by the two co-founders, Agave Games saw a gap in the market that it could fill. Studios work hard to create games, but the relationship between studio and publisher is still a black box model. Game studios don’t see how their games are performing, how their TPGs might change based on in-game tweaks or creative upgrades, and aren’t sure what the publisher has done to achieve those numbers. As a result, the developer does not know how to improve his product. Enis Hulli, one of the 500 Istanbul partners, said the following:

The essential factor in early investment is the team. This is playing an even more active role in the gaming industry. Given their experience and potential for self-development, we believe that Odujan and Alper will write the history of our country’s remarkable success in this area. In addition, we trust Akin as an investor and entrepreneur. This will strengthen the company.

Enis Hulli, 500 Istanbul partner

In addition, Akin Babayigit said:

These days, when everyone is looking at the gaming industry with interest and the competition is fierce, experience and a data- and product-centric mindset are factors that we believe are indispensable for success. I do not doubt that they will achieve a lot in a short time.

Akin Babayigit