Christoph Sachsenhausen, managing director of Sunday, shared some useful tips to improve the productivity and quality of your game studio.

Tip #1. Analyze the market!

Don’t blindly copy the top charts. Analyze what currently works, but combine it was a new twist or gameplay that was popular 1-2 years ago. Mixing popular mechanics in an innovative way can give rise to whole new trends.

Tip #2. Avoid classical gaming themes!

Your aim should be to reach everyone, not the core gamer audience. Core gamers are a small target group and therefore the CPI in ad networks is very high. Pick a theme that works for everyone and avoid things like “Pixel Art”, “Zombies” and “Fantasy”.

Tip #3. Make big changes!

Small changes rarely have any measurable impact and don’t tell you if your changes are successful. If you apply big and bold changes, it will become much easier to analyze the outcome that your changes will bring.

Tip #4. Have a stable environment & use git!

If your game is built on a good basis and has promising KPIs, you can start optimizing through variations, e.g. theme, colors, camera, levels & obstacles. Use a software like “git” to always track your changes and for the possibility to go back to an earlier version.

Side note: Christoph Sachsenhausen, managing director of Sunday, made a solo speech at the Hyper Games Conference #3

Tip #5. Learn as much as you can from your failure!

When your game fails, analyze your best & worst performing videos together with the whole team! Look into gameplay readability, camera and themes and if they accomplish your goals the best way possible. Afterwards define clear actions & share your learnings with the team.

Tip #6. Save your art in an art library!

Keep every asset you produce! All the stuff might come in handy later. Create a big unity project and sort / organize your assets by scene and topic.

Tip #7. Create gameplay templates & libraries!

You can strip down every game you’ve made and use the single parts as a basis for new ideas. Developed a runner? Use it’s gameplay for your next runner-idea. Did it have any obstacles? Safe them for another game!

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