1. Keep it Real

Many games are a mobile version of real-life games people play (or played) without a mobile device (crazy, we know). Use the best reference as an intro to your game. It will automatically create a trip down memory lane, which can lead to a quick installation.

2. Tap Into Trends

Most video ads are seasonal. Practice OBM (Occasion Based Marketing) and RTM (Real Time Marketing). Is Xmas near? When is World Cup? What’s the latest social challenge that’s going viral? Prepare a list of ideas. If it’s trendy – join the trend.

3. Colours and Sounds

Use attractive colours. Tests show that bright colours work better than dark ones when it comes to CTR. Throwing in the right type of sound, be it funny, relaxing, or a cool sound effect – will also affect your CTR.

4. Clear Onboarding

Get a strong hook in the first 2-3 seconds, the chance for a first impression. You need a high click rate in the first 3 seconds of your video – and for that to happen, players need to instantly understand how to play and what their objective is.

5. Crystal Clear Mechanics

First – show the gameplay. Make sure players understand what to do and how to play. If the CTR is high, that’s a good indication that players understand the game and want to play it.