24 hours after installing your game

In order to know the audience of your game well, it is worth taking a closer look at the first 24 hours after installing your game. The more players play (preferably more than 16 minutes), the better for you! This means you have an attractive theme, good core gameplay, and a proper level funnel. But, first, this means that the game has the potential to become profitable.


Your video test conversion rate (CVR) is a great metric and should never be overlooked. If your CVR is low, it means that players clicked on ads but didn’t install the game. Is there a store problem? More specifically, the icon doesn’t fit, the screenshots aren’t attractive, the app takes up a lot of space, and so on. Make sure the store play and the ads display the same experience.

Interstitial impressions per user

This indicator tells you how many interstitial ads a player has viewed, so you can optimize your earnings. If the metric is high, you may be missing out on a user. Not too much? Then you won’t make enough money to cover the cost of user acquisition. Optimize the number of interstitial ads as the game progresses to maximize your investment.

The beginning of the level vs. the previous level passed

We track these two events and compare the numbers to detect level funnel issues and issues in the main game loop. We don’t want the user to close our game on the first level field, right? Likewise, we need users to want to play our game a lot and often. If there is a big difference between the numbers, it means that the players did not want to continue playing. In this case, you need to dive into the process, identify problems in the level funnel and fix them.

RV Exposure

Since Rewarded Videos (RV) usually start at Level 3 and up, this is a good indicator of whether the game is engaging and fun. However, if the RV exposure is low, it means that either the game is not attractive to the player, or the position of the RV needs to be changed for optimal exposure within the level or screen of the mobile device.